Welcome to Penshurst Primary School

Penshurst Primary School is a ‘successful and effective school’. We secure high standards as a result of our ‘teachers having high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and participation’, and achieve continuous improvement for all our children. All of our children enjoy coming to school, as a result behaviour is outstanding. This is underpinned by the schools ‘exemplary safeguarding procedures.

Through our Thematic Curriculum we ensure all children’s experiences are challenging, realistic and enjoyable. In addition, Penshurst Primary offers ‘an extensive range of visits and visiting professionals which enrich the learning’ and develops links with the outside world alongside extensive extra-curricular provision.

‘Pupils get along well together because of the caring and supportive ethos the school has created’. This ensures all our children achieve their potential and all children have a positive outlook on learning.

The school works closely together with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that inclusion for all is top of the agenda. We believe that together we can enhance the life chances of all our children.

Best Wishes