Welcome to EYFS

The provision for EYFS is outstanding, located in a bespoke learning environment. The area is well equipped for both indoor and outdoor ‘learning through play’ activities. Free choice is available to children throughout all day, every day. Our interactive whiteboards play a key role in the group learning of our children. Our youngest children are very much a part of Penshurst Primary School, joining in assemblies, singing and engaging in a variety of activities.

We ensure every child is ‘A Unique Child’, developing all children to be resilient, confident and self-assured.
We pride ourselves on our ‘Positive Relationships’, enabling all children to be strong and independent through caring and secure relationship with our staff.
We endeavour to create ‘Enabling environments’, which support and extend all children’s development and learning.
We fully understand ‘Learning and development’, which sees our staff developing all children in different ways and rates and creating personalised opportunities for all the areas of learning.
Our recently completed Foundation Unit houses Foundation Stage One and Two. The structure of the day varies between Foundation Stage One and Two in order to cater for the differing needs of the children. Foundation Stage One children attend on a part time basis for their 15 hours flexible free entitlement.

For some, it is their first experience of life in an establishment outside home and family which can be an exciting as well as a daunting venture. We strive to make this important phase in children’s lives secure, safe and happy. Foundation Stage Two children are encouraged to become independent learners through play. The day is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. During these sessions there is a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

As a team all the staff recognise the importance of providing the children with a stimulating learning environment. This is enabled by good quality provision and clearly organised resources, both outside and in. We actively encourage children to participate in the planning process by influencing the direction that our themes take. The planning for our play-based curriculum is informed by the use of observational assessment and the needs and interests of the children. Building on what the children already know and understand enables them to develop and make progress at their own pace so that they can continue to enjoy learning.

All the Foundation Stage children will follow the same themes. These will be differentiated appropriately for the children in Foundation Stage One and Two.